What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is a cosmetic treatment for improving the look of the skin around your anus. There are high-priced salons where you can go and receive a rectal lightening treatment, but they can be expensive and require that you trust a stranger with a very intimate area of your body.

There are various creams, lotions and gels available, which claims to remove the dark stains from your private areas. In order to choose the best product, one should know the ingredients. Hydroquinone is one of the most powerful bleaching agents but this ingredient can be harmful for your body. FDA bans hydroquinone usage because of its cancer causing properties. There are other harmful constituents such as mercury and steroids, which should also be avoided.

Lately, the market has been flooded with products intended to reproduce the anal bleaching process in the privacy of your own home at an affordable price. But like all skin care products, not all anal bleaching treatments are created equal. You should research anus bleaching products thoroughly before you buy to make sure you’re buying a cream with the highest quality ingredients. Epibright intimate area lightening cream is one such cream which gets results fast and safely.

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

This is a really good question to ask before you get into the anal bleaching process. You may have read some conflicting information already, so it’s only natural to be worried about painful or unhealthy side effects. There are lots of articles and websites warning you of the “dangers” of anal bleaching, with testimonials from “real doctors” claiming it can cause everything from burning and scarring to herpes.

But the truth is that if you get a good product with natural, gentle ingredients, lightening the skin around your anus can be done safely and painlessly. Most of these worst case scenarios you may have read about happen because of anal lightening products that are made from harsh, synthetic chemicals. At other times, the anal lightening product used is too strong, and it irritates the skin. Bleaching the skin around your anus is a gradual process, so don’t try to do too much too soon!

Is it for ordinary me?

It’s an old wives’ tale that the anal bleaching trend began because some famous porn star felt that she needed to improve the cosmetic appearance of her rear end. Naturally, this may make some people feel alienated about the process and believe that it isn’t for them.

But this simply isn’t the case. As we age, certain areas of our bodies gather more pigment (the stuff that makes our skin darker) than others. For some, having dark skin around their anus and/or genitals makes them look and feel old. Until recently, however, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

But when anus lightening treatments came along, there was finally a solution to this problem. Using anus lightening products will help to rejuvenate your areas “down there” to give them a bright, youthful appearance. So if you want to look younger from every angle and feel confident about your appearance, anal lightening might be for you. But make sure you choose a good product that won’t irritate your skin, and buy from a trustworthy supplier. Also, follow all directions to the letter and call their customer service department if you have any questions.

If you’d rather go to a salon, make sure they have some form of certification. Anyone can apply rectal bleach, but not everyone knows how to do it safely and effectively. But if you want to do it yourself in the privacy of your own home, then try Epibright anal bleaching cream, this cream has no harsh chemicals and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Can Epibright irritate my intimate or private areas?

Epibright intimate lightening cream has been developed specifically for the intimate parts of the body. Understanding that these areas can be easily irritated, we have created a product which has a wonderful combination of very powerful lightening agents that work with the gentle organic extracts to provide a safe and effective skin lightener for delicate skin.

Does treatment with Epibright have any potential serious side effects?

No. Epibright is a mostly organic cream whose active ingredients have been used in quality skin care products for years.

When can I expect to see results?

Daily treatment with Epibright brings initial results within 2 weeks of use. Skin condition, natural pigmentation and darkness of complexion will make result times vary slightly from person to person.